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Nonclassified & FE/AP Compensation

Per S.B. 439, a “non-classified employee” means an employee of an organization who holds a position that is not assigned a particular job and job title with in the classification system and meets one or more of the following criteria:

(1) Holds a direct policy-making position at the department or organization level;
(2) Reports directly to the president or chief executive officer of the organization; or
(3) Is in a position considered by the president to be critical to the institution pursuant to policies adopted by the governing board, not to exceed more than ten percent of its total number of classified and non-classified employees.

By July, 2016 the total percentage of personnel placed in the category of “non-classified” may not exceed twenty five percent of the total number of classified and non-classified employees of that organization that are eligible for membership in the state retirement system of WV. The bill further states that no non-classified employee shall have his or her current annual salary reduced if his or her position is redefined as a classified position solely to meet the requirements of the bill.

The Classification and Compensation Administration unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining the University’s compensation philosophy for nonclassified compensation and providing central administration and expert guidance to managers and supervisors when making pay decisions for this group. The unit also is responsible for obtaining and analyzing relevant market salary data and developing and updating salary ranges, pay policies and guidelines.

Please refer to the documents below to learn more about the compensation philosophy and salary administration guidelines for this group.

Nonclassified Compensation Strategy & Salary Administration Guidelines

Nonclassified and FE/AP Job Description Forms