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Classified Staff Compensation

Classified employees are those whose jobs are assigned to particular titles, job families and paygrades in the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission’s (HEPC) pay system (often inaccurately referred to as the “Mercer System,” as it was developed for West Virginia Higher Education by the Mercer Human Resource Consulting firm). The classification plan was established by the West Virginia Legislature in WV Code §18B-9-1, creating a “uniform system of personnel classification” for all West Virginia public higher education institutions. Only the statewide Job Evaluation Committee (JEC), chaired by the HEPC Human Resources Administrator and comprised of both classified staff and human resources representatives from various institutions in the state, has the authority to establish new and any changes to job titles, job families and assignments of jobs to paygrades.

In establishing and reviewing classified positions at WVU, the HR Classification and Compensation analysts thus utilize and adhere to the established WV HEPC Job Evaluation Plan, which provides for evaluation of key position traits (knowledge, experience, complexity & problem solving, freedom of action, scope & effect, breadth of responsibility, internal & external contacts, direct & indirect supervision, physical coordination, & working conditions) according to a point factor system.

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Classified Staff Compensation Structure (Hourly) Effective October 1, 2015

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